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When you look at a diamond what do you see?

If it is a Kwiat diamond, you see all the details, all the craftsmanship, all the beauty one stone can possess.

The sparkle and light that makes a diamond magical is attributed to the cut. At Kwiat, we believe the cut of a diamond is more than just a set of numerical measurements. Each stone we cut is crafted for maximum brilliance through a careful balancing of white light return, fire, and scintillation. There is not one table size or depth percent that guarantees a beautiful diamond. It is the relationship these measurements have to one another that results in a brilliant diamond.

We have perfected our cut through years of experience, close observation, and constant improvement. We believe that if you are going to be a symbol of something, make sure you`re brilliant. After all each diamond has our name behind it.
Kwiat. Simply Brilliant.

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